Jury and Panel

The Jury

The Jury is charged with viewing the five shortlisted entries and deliberating on a Grand Prize winner. The 2014 Jury lineup is still being assembled, but will include:

Kirsten Sheridan, Director and Oscar-nominated screenwriter

Brian Gleeson, Actor

Pamela Yates, Partner and documentary filmmaker at Skylight Pictures; director of Granito: How to Nail a Dictator

Paco de Onis, Partner and producer
at Skylight Pictures

John Kelleher, Film producer and former Chair of the Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO)

Ken Wardrop, award-winning documentary maker

Grainne Humphreys, Festival Director, Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

Victoria Smurfit, Actress

Senator David Norris

Nicky Phelan of Oscar-nominated animation studio Brown Bag Films

Rebecca Miller, Director and Screenwriter

Stephen Rea, Oscar-nominated actor

Brenda Fricker, Oscar-winning actress

Jack Reynor, Actor

Tomm Moore, Oscar-nominated Animator and Director

The Panel

The Competition Panel is made up of experts from the film industry, human rights and the arts. The 2014 Panel lineup will be announced early in 2014. The panel for the 2013 competition was:

Marc O'Sullivan, Arts Editor, Irish Examiner

Alan Fitzpatrick, Director of Filmbase

John Maguire, Film Critic

Anthea McTiernan, Editor of Irish Times Ticket

Suzanne Egan, UCD School of Law

Siobhan Cummisky, ICCL Board Member

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