The 2014 Shortlist

2014 Shortlist Announced

Winner to be announced at Award Gala Screening on 26 June 2014
The Shortlist for the 2014 ICCL Human Rights Film Awards, announced on 4 June 2014.

Food Not Fuel

Director: Alan Whelan
Narrator: Aidan Gillen

Shot by filmmaker Alan Whelan for Trócaire, Food Not Fuel is an educational and moving short documentary on the struggles of indigenous Mayans in Guatamala, who have faced eviction and expropriation to make way for bio fuel crops. Actor Aidan Gillen meets with members of the Rio Frio community in Guatemala’s Polochic valley region, who speak emotionally about their struggle to survive and about their relationship with the land, which is central to their lives and identity. The film explores the aftermath of the seizure and exploitation of sacred ancestral Mayan lands from local people - lands now used to cultivate sugar cane to satisfy European bio fuel demands.

Food Not Fuel from Trocaire on Vimeo.

A Thin Line

Director: Nacho Gil Cid De Diego
Music: Miguel Gomez Ortin

Directed by Spanish filmmaker Nacho Gil, A Thin Line is a poignant short film that examines the issue of homelessness. Set to an evocative soundtrack, the film introduces people who, for various reasons, have found themselves homeless on the streets of Valencia. The film’s focus on first-hand testimony gives it a profound human dimension, articulately demonstrating the speakers’ impulse not just to survive, but to preserve their human dignity. Through their accounts, we learn that it is only a very thin line that separates all of us from marginalisation and social exclusion.


The Room

Director: Róisín Loughrey

The Room subtly explores the small moments of magic that happen in the course of an art class in the Sacred Heart Hospital in Castlebar, Co. Mayo. The film is a powerful and touching portrayal of the creative experience of long stay hospital residents who have an acquired brain injury as a result of stroke, accident or conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Told through artist Tom Meskell’s own words, the film reveals the profound impact of art and creativity in the lives of the residents.

The Room - HD from on Vimeo.

Chaja and Mimi

Director: Eric Esser

Chaja and Mimi is a charming short film that tells the story of Chaja Florentin and Mimi Frons who have been best friends for 83 years having met in kindergarten. Born and raised in Berlin, they had to escape to Palestine with their families in 1934. Chaja and Mimi chat engagingly about their complicated relationship with Germany and with Israel in a Tel Aviv café where they meet every day. By sharing photographs of pre-war Berlin, filmmaker Eric Esser elicits from these two remarkable women a fascinating insight into their attitudes to Germany, to the past, and to forgiveness. This is a tender inspirational story about survival, homeland, identity and the powerful bond of friendship.

Chaja & Mimi Trailer (English subtitles) from Eric Esser on Vimeo.

Modou Modou

Director: Virginia Manchado

Modou Modou is a Senegalese word for migrant people of sub-Saharan origin, who reside in Europe. Directed by Spanish filmmaker Virginia Manchado, this insightful short film follows a day in the life of an African emigrant who lives and works in London as a market labourer. Jazeem is from Senegal and works tirelessly every day to improve the life of his family back home, a family he hasn’t seen in two years. The documentary starkly shows the reality of life for Jazeem as he struggles with loneliness, exhaustion and the disappointment of London life.

MODOU MODOU Trailer Ingles from Cine Marea on Vimeo.

Harmanli: Trapped on the Fringe of Freedom

Director: Niamh Heery

Harmanli: Trapped on the Fringe of Freedom sees Irish documentary maker Niamh Heery explore life for asylum seekers inside the Harmanli camp in south-eastern Bulgaria. The camp houses over one thousand people many of whom claim to be Syrians fleeing conflict in their home country and seeking refugee status in Europe. Harmanli was established in a disused military base in order to cope with the high numbers of asylum seekers crossing into Bulgaria from Turkey, and accommodates women, men and children.

Harmanli: Trapped on the Fringe of Freedom (ICCL Awards) from Niamh Heery on Vimeo.

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