2010 Competition Shortlist

The cream of entries to the 2010 ICCL Human Rights Film Awards

This shortlist features an eclectic mix of genres, styles and human rights issues at home and abroad. It was the subject of an exclusive Gala Awards screening at the Light House Cinema on the evening of 17 June 2010, where the Jury  announced 'Gaza: Post Operation Cast Lead' as the winning film.


Midnight With no Pain

Entrant: Daniel Bevan (Director)
This independently produced Irish drama by Daniel Bevan follows terminally-ill Arthur as he struggles for control over his final days with the help of his old friend Jack. The film explores the controversial debate surrounding the 'right to die', and the dilemma faced by many ill people and their loved ones as they struggle with the loss of dignity and independence as they approach the end of their life.

Midnight, With no Pain from ICCL Human Rights Film Awards on Vimeo.


Tomato Soup

Entrant: Paul O'Brien (Director)
This charming stop-motion animation by Paul O'Brien tells the tale of an older man who is banished from the family dinner table for being a sloppy eater. The film neatly deals with the prejudices that older people face on a daily basis, sometimes even from their loved ones. The film's message is loud and clear -we will all be old one day, and older people must be treated with the dignity, inclusion and respect they deserve.

Tomato Soup from Paul O'Brien on Vimeo.


Gaza: Post Operation Cast Lead

Entrant: Dearbhla Glynn (Director)
This short documentary by Dearbhla Glynn brings us to the Gaza Strip following Operation Cast Lead in late 2008/ early 2009. It offers a personal insight into the day-to-day living conditions faced by the Gaza Strip's 1.5 million conflict-stricken inhabitants.

Gaza: Post Operation Cast Lead from ICCL Human Rights Film Awards on Vimeo.


Out of Mind

Entrant: Kate McCarroll (Director)
Out of Mind explores human rights issues surrounding mental health in Ireland. The film follows the experiences of Caroline Mary Murphy, who suffered mental illness and underwent Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT). While exploring the debate on the validity of ECT as a therapy, the film also gives us a glimpse of the human face of mental illness, and the struggle sufferers of mental illness face to have their voices heard and their rights respected.

Out of Mind from ICCL Human Rights Film Awards on Vimeo.


If You Like it Then You Should Be Able to Put a Ring on It

Entrant: Cara Holmes (Director)
If You Like it Then You Should Be Able to Put a Ring on It deals with the right to marriage equality. A brief introduction to the civil marriage campaign in Ireland, the film combines a compelling mix of archive footage, photography, animation and testimonies from same sex couples. Showing the human face of the ongoing inequality faced by same sex couples, the film educates the viewer on the key issues and points of debate surrounding civil marriage in Ireland.

IfYouLikeItThenYouShouldBeAbleToPutARingOnIt from cara on Vimeo.

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