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Paul OBrien

Paul O'Brien

Director Tomato Soup - 2010 Shortlistee
The ICCL Human Rights Film Awards is a great platform for anyone who wants to raise awareness about a human rights issue.

While making my animation “Tomato Soup” I wanted it to be seen as more than just an animation. The plight of the elderly is a subject which I feel strongly about and I wanted to make a film that would make people think about the way they treat the older generation. The Human Rights Film Awards was a perfect stage to show my film and when it was screened at the Lighthouse Cinema on the awards night I really felt that it was the perfect situation for my film to be truly appreciated.

Last year (2010) was the Awards' second year, and throughout all aspects of it there was a real sense of professionalism even down to the amazing line up of the judging panel. I’m sure this year's competition will be even more successful  and I would not hesitate to recommend filmmakers, or anybody who has a message they would like to share, to submit a film to the ICCL Human Rights Film Awards 2011.

To view Tomato Soup, click HERE
Vittoria Colonna

Vittoria Colonna

Director My Identity – 2009 Grand Prize Winner
Human Rights are a Human Need! When making My Identity I wanted to focus on the ongoing battle facing transgender people and their families - a battle that has particular resonance in Ireland, with controversial cases making the news, such as the Lydia Foy case. Avoiding transgender statistics and expert doctor/psychiatrist interviews, I felt it was stronger to make a documentary that engaged us on an emotional and humane level. I wanted intimacy and honesty. When I met with Lee and Siobhan I was struck by their pain, and their unshakable bravery in the face of daily discrimination.

The focus of the film was never just about gay or transgender rights, but basic human rights and the right of free choice. When My Identity won the ICCL Human Rights Film Competition, we were thrilled! It meant so much to all of us to have such a distinguished panel acknowledge the importance of our message and spread the word and awareness through television, radio and paper reviews. Also the Grand Prize of a trip to Venice was fun too!

For my peers submitting films this year, I commend you for raising awareness of human rights! There are endless issues to be addressed and there can never be enough films about them. I look forward to watching the 2011 shorts. Good Luck!

To view My Identity, click HERE.

Barry O'Donoghue

Producer, Pirogues (Barley Films)
'Based on the combined opportunity for promotion of the selected films, the ability to meet with filmmakers and audiences interested in human rights and quality of the awards established by the inaugural ICCL competition in 2009 I would not hesitate in encouraging Irish filmmakers to apply with their films to the new round in 2011.

The experience has been a hugely positive one for us and our film. Selection for the awards has led to several screenings at other events. Our runner up award included a one on one master class with Academy Award-nominated writer/director Kirsten Sheridan, which was nothing short of fantastic. We can't thank the ICCL enough for creating such an excellent opportunity for filmmakers to get together and share their work with Irish audiences.'

View a clip from Barry's short film Pirogues HERE.

Genny Carraro

Producer, Children of Manila (Children's Relief Fund)
To participate in the ICCL Human Rights Film Awards was a great experience for us. Our short documentary, Children of Manila, talks about the breach of children's rights; our aim in shooting this documentary was to raise awareness about the plight of street children and what could be done to help them.

Through the ICCL our aim has been fulfilled, approximately 700 people saw our documentaries via the internet; Children of Manila has been invited to other festivals and has been utilised for human rights workshops and seminars. On a personal level, the event was always organised and carried out with commitment from the organisers and people have always been put in first place.

Overall it has been a great personal experience and it definitely helps our short documentaries to raise awareness about the problems faced by street children.

To view a clip from Children of Manila click HERE.
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