The 2009 Competition Shortlist

A Life Inside the Frame

Entrant: Daniel Bevan (Co-writer, Co-director).
A Life Inside the Frame is a fictional documentation of the limitations placed on all human beings with regard to their freedom of expression, opinion and the right to receive and impart ideas. The film’s protagonist represents the outsider in a society constricted by what is seen as the norm, a citizen whose hopes and aspirations have been smothered by the limitations imposed on him by society. This stop-motion animated short offers a metaphor for the protagonist’s wish for freedom of expression and opinion: colour, in an otherwise monochrome world. Note: the opening minute of this film consists of audio only.


A Life Inside the Frame from ICCL Human Rights Film School on Vimeo.


Team Spirit

Entrant: Siobhan Twomey (Writer, Director)
This charming short children’s animation forms part of a series of films developed for FOMACS (the Forum on Migration and Communications). Sadiq, like so many refugees in Ireland, grapples with the fact that he must wait two years for his family’s visas to be processed, while his Grandmother has to remain in Darfur as she does not qualify under Irish law as a family member. All this while also being the star player in a football game against his team’s brutal arch rivals, the Bashers!

Team Spirit from ICCL Human Rights Film School on Vimeo.


Children of Manila (Clip)

Entrant: Genny Carraro (Producer)
The Philippines are home to an estimated 1.5 million street children, many of whom survive by begging and street hawking. Children of Manila, directed by Alessandro Molatore, looks beyond the statistics to look at the stories of three such children, their families and the challenges they face, depicting both the hardship of life on the streets and the simple hope that shelter and an education with the Children’s Relief Fund (CRF) can provide.


Children of Manila (Clip) from ICCL Human Rights Film School on Vimeo.


My Identity (2009 Grand Prize Winner)

Entrant: Vittoria Colonna (Director)
My Identity documents the life of Lee and his daughter Siobhan. Lee’s story is a tribute to the ongoing battle facing transgender people and their families for recognition of their basic human rights. Transgender people are fighting for equal rights on a growing list of important issues: change of legal sex designation; parenthood; child custody; adoption; foster parenting, child protection services; violence; abuse; marriage equality; employment; healthcare and security. As the list grows, so does the need to raise awareness. Lee and Siobhan’s story is a poignant portrait of a loving family, and an insight into the discrimination experienced by transgendered persons and their loved ones.


My Identity from ICCL Human Rights Film School on Vimeo.


Pirogues (Clip)

Entrant: Barry O'Donoghue (Producer)
An innovative short directed and animated by Alice Bohl, Pirogues deals with how two couples’ lives are affected by borders. The first couple, a young African man and a French girl, seems to be leading an idyllic life in Paris. Meanwhile, an older African man selling goods on the streets of Paris feels the pain of separation from his wife in Africa. Soon, however, the men’s common status as sans papiers sees their lives intersect with painful and bittersweet results.

Pirogues (Excerpt) from ICCL Human Rights Film School on Vimeo.


8 Things to Remember

Entrant: Aoibheann O'Sullivan (Director)
Since early 2003, over a million US troops have passed through Shannon Airport on their way to active service in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Shannonwatch planespotters have been there from the beginning, documenting chartered troop carriers landing at Shannon. While some planes have been clearly marked as US military aircraft, countless are unmarked charter flights that have been leased, re-leased and leased again in attempts to disguise their military function. Many of these have been directly implicated in the practice of ‘extraordinary rendition’. On the 6th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq filmmaker Aoibheann O’Sullivan travelled to Shannon Airport to meet up with the Shannonwatch military planespotters, who have been central to a coordinated effort to uncover the use of Shannon as a staging area for illegal acts of kidnap and torture. The result:  8 Things to Remember if you want to be a Shannonwatch planespotter!

8 Things to Remember from Aoibheann O'Sullivan on Vimeo.

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